The free and open source and cross platform screen sharing software.

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The free open source and cross platform screen sharing software

Inspired by ShareX

KShare is a screenshotting utility built using Qt and written in C++. It has many features, including:

Enough talking, show us how it looks

The main window is rather simple, with only a log, and a button in it: image1

The settings have quite a bit more going on: image2

The area selection editor is simple: image3

And the color picker is the simplest thing ever: image4

The way you select the area to record is by resizing this simple widget: image5

And when you start recording there is a simple preview shown: image6


Currently, the only good download I provide is for Arch Linux and Ubuntu 17.04 The Arch download is on the AUR as kshare and kshare-git,
and the Ubuntu build is a .deb found on my CI: kshare.deb

Wait.. how do I actually use this?

Here is the wiki: ding